Phylogenetic and Functional Classification of Nematodes

Phylum Nematoda Search for Genus and species Name
Recent Classification - based on molecular and morphological characters Classification by Feeding Habit and Trophic Roles
  Classification by Life-Course and Functional Guilds
Classical Phylogenetic Classification of the Nematoda - based on anatomy and morphology Index to some Common Names of Plant-feeding Nematodes
  Diagnostic Chart - Plant-feeding Nematodes: Class Chromadorea
Comparison of Classical and Modern Classification Systems Diagnostic Chart - Plant-feeding Nematodes: Class Enoplea
  Index to Genera and species of Plant and Soil (mainly) Nematodes
Concepts of Species in Nematodes and other Meiofauna A to B C to D E to L M to O P to R S to Z
Approaches in Nematode Taxonomy  
  Family Classification by Functional Role
Nematode Characteristics and Taxonomic Keys  
  Index to Genera and species Categorized by Functional Guild
Kingdoms of Life Menu plant feeders bacteria feeders  fungus feeders generalist and specialist predators

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