Family Actinolaimidae

Revised 06/16/23




        Actinolaimidae Thorne, 1939

A family of free-living soil nematodes.

Three subfamilies were recognized by Vinciguerra (1988)::

Actinolaiminae: genera with four onchia

Hexactinolaiminae with 6 onchia

Trachypleurosinae: lacking onchia, represented by the genuis Trachypleurosum. However, later, the standard four onchia of the family were found to be present and the subfamily was eliminated.  Similarly, a subfamily Hextaactinolaiminae based on nematodes with 6 onchia was eliminated when it was found the only member, Hexactinolaimus aneityi, actually had four onchia and was moved to the genus Paractinolaimus as Paractinolaimus proximus. Consequently, the subfamily Actinolaiminae was also eliminated because it was considered a redundancy of the family name (Vinciguerra and Coomans, 1991)

The subfamily Brittonematinae proposed by Thorne, 1967 was still recognized by Andrassy (2010) and may (or may not) still exist.

Ref: Vincigierra, 1991, Andrassy, 2010

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