Family Amphidelidae

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                 Amphidelidae Andrassy, 2002
Amphidelidae (L=1.3 mm); Domes Gardens, UC Davis.  Photos by Anna Ruth Crittenden Amphidelidae; esophageal region and amphid apertures


Etymology: refers to conspicuous amphids.


Key to the genera of Amphidelidae:

1 a Cuticle with conspicuous longitudinal ridges; spicules slender and arcuate; gubernaculum present Cristamphidelus Siddiqi & Vinciguerra, 1991
b Cuticle without longitudinal ridges; spicules short gubernaculum absent 2
2 a Amphid apertures large, oval, long axis of aperture longitudinal Megamphidelus Siddiqi, 1993
b Amphid apertures not enlarged, transverse, oval or slit-like 3
3 a Vulva open, vagina thick, female generally diovarial 4
b Vulva closed vagina thin, female monovarial 5
4 a Vaginal walls infolded Metamphidelus Clausi & Vinciguerra, 1995
b Vaginal walls not infolded Amphidelus Thorne, 1939
5 a Head asymmetrical with inner sclerotization; oral opening subterminal Scleralaimus Siddiqi, 1993
b Head symmetrical without sclerotization; oral opening terminal 6
6 a Vulval lips sclerotized; spicules simple Scleramphidelus Clausi & Vinciguerra, 1995
b Vulval lips not sclerotized; spicules with central line 7
7 a Female monovarial, prodelphic Etamphidelus Andrássy, 1977
b Female monovarial, opisthodelphic or diovarial, amphidelphic 8
8 a Amphid apertures large, oval to round, close to head Laxamphidelus Siddiqi, 1993
b Amphid apertures narrow, slit-like, more than 3 lip widths behind head 9
9 a Amphids offset from each other, esophagus about 1/3 body length Postamphidelus Siddiqi, 1993
b Amphids opposite each other, esophagus about 1/4 body length 10
10 a Female diovarial, amphidelphic; amphids only conspicuous in male Caviputa Siddiqi, 1993
b Female monovarial, opisthodelphic; amphids conspicuous in both sexes Paramphidelus Andrássy, 1977

 Key modified from Andrássy, 2009, Free-living nematodes of Hungary. Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest


Andrássy, 2009, Free-living nematodes of Hungary. Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest

Choudhary M., Jairajpuri M.S. (2010) Evolutionary trends in soil-inhabiting alaimid nematodes. In: Sharma V.P. (eds) Nature at Work: Ongoing Saga of Evolution. Springer, New Delhi



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