Family Ceramonematidae

Revised 01/28/22

Also classified in Order Desmodorida

     Ceramonematidae Cobb, 1933

A family of free-living marine nematodes.

Nematodes of the Ceramonematidae have striking complex cuticular features.  Earlier descriptionss were often based on single speci, so the variability within species is poorly known.

In a classification outlined in Tchesunov and Miljutina (2002), the family Ceramonematidae is divided into two subfamilies on the basis of the combined characters of the outer labial and posterior cephalic sensilla.  The Ceramonematinae Cobb in Cobb, 1933 have setose outer labial and cephalic sensilla and the Pselionematinae De Coninck, 1965 have papillose outer labial sensilla and setose posterior cephalic sensilla (Holovachov et al., 2008).

Genera Features of Ceramonematidae:

Cuticle with broad, thick annules and cuticular plates so that observation of internal structures is difficult.

Generally cylindrical short and thread-like.

Some species with up to 700 narrow cuticular annules along the body length, others with n0 to 100.



From Holovachov and Bostrom (2004)



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