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          Criconematinae Taylor, 1936

      Macroposthoniinae (Skarbilovich, 1959)
      Madinematinae (Khan, Chawla & Saha, 1975)
      Criconemellinae (Khan & Saeed, 1985)

Morphology and Anatomy:




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A very large number of species has been described within the family and within the genus Criconemoides sensu lato. The genus was erected by Taylor (1936) to accommodate Criconematidae without cuticular extensions of the annules.  When new genera were erected, the original name, Criconemoides, remained in question due to incomplete original description and lack of availability of type material.  Subsequently, Criconemella was used but because there was no formal diagnosis of that genus, Brzeski et al. (2002a) resurrected the genus name Criconemoides.  The name Criconemoides was proposed by Andrássy (1965) for species within Criconemoides with crenated margins of the annules.  Through some convoluted history of generic name changes, well documented by Brzeski et al. (2002b), Criconemoides was resurrected as a genus name by Loof and de Grisse (1989). Geraert (2010) has provided an extremely useful framework for the family, including the partitioning of genera into five subfamilies of genera with similar morphometric and morphological characteristics.


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