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           Cactodera chenopodiae Feng, Wang, Xiao, Pereira, Xuan, Wang, Liu, Chen, Duan & Zhu, 2018


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Morphology and Anatomy:


Female: Cyst stage present; circumfenestrate; eggs covered with tubercles.  
  • Body ovate to rounded with small vulval cone

  •  Vulva with slightly protruding lips.

  • Eggs retained in female body, no external egg mass

  •  Outer cuticular layer marked by a rugose pattern.

  • Head slightly set off from the elongate neck, stylet and stylet knobs well developed

  • Excretory pore located at level of end of isthmus

  •  Cysts. rounded to lemon-shaped, from light to dark brown with small vulval cone

  •  Cyst surface with zigzag pattern at mid-body

  • Vulval cone circumfenestrate without underbridge, bullae or vulval denticles

  • Anus distinct and encircled by a cuticular disc.

Male: Not observed  

Ref: Feng et al., 2018

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Reported from roots of Chenopodium alba in Beiling Park, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China

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Economic Importance:


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Nurse cell system: A syncytium.

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Life Cycle:

Endoparaistioc and semiendoparasitic in host-plant roots.  Eggs retained in female body, no external egg mass.

Ecophysiological Parameters:

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Feng, Y., Wang, D., Xiao, D., Pereira, T., Xuan, Y., Wang, Y., Liu, X., Chen, L., Duan, Y. & Zhu, X. 2018. Cactodera chenopodiae (Nematoda: Heteroderidae), a new species of cyst nematode parasitizing common lambsquarter (Chenopodium album) in Liaoning, China. Zootaxa 4407: 361-375.


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