Cactodera milleri




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           Cactodera milleri Graney & Bird, 1990


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Morphology and Anatomy:


Female: Cyst stage present; circumfenestrate; eggs covered with tubercles.  


Male: Body twisted.  


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Originally described from Chenopodium album, common lambsquarters, in Michigan. Also from Chenopodium quinoa in Colorado, USA. Reported distribution seems to be limited to a few states in the central USA, including Michigan, Colorado and Minnesota.

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Economic Importance:


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Nurse cell system: A syncytium.

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Lambsquarter (Chenopodium album L.), C. amaranticola, C. quinoa

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Life Cycle:

Ecophysiological Parameters:

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Baldwin, J.G., Mundo-Ocampo, M., McClure, M. 1997. Cactodera salina n.sp. From the estuary plant, Salicornia bigelovii, in Sonora, Mexico. J. Nematology 29:465-473.

Evans, K., Rowe, J.A. 1998. Distribution and economic importance. In S.B. Sharma (ed). The Cyst Nematodes. Kluwer


Graney, L.S.O. & Bird, G.W. 1990. Descriptions and comparative morphology of Cactodera milleri n. sp. (Nematoda: Heteroderidae) and Cactodera cacti with a review and key to the genus Cactodera. Journal of Nematology, 22, 457-480.


Skantar, A.M., Handoo, Z.A., Kantor, M.R., Hafez, S.L., Hult, M.N., Kromroy, K., Sigurdson, K., Grabowski, M. 2021. First report of Cactodera milleri Graney and Bird, 1990 from Colorado and Minnesota. J. Nemaqtology 53:1-7. DOI:



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