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                    Geocenamus nothus (Allen, 1955), Ryss and Bostrom, 1995


Geocenamus semicircularis considered a junior synonym of G. nothus (Ryss and Bostrom, 1995).


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Morphology and Anatomy:


Body medium-sized.  

Labial region bulbous.  SEM face view with well-marked, round labial disc.  First lip annule divided into six sectors, lateral sectors smaller.  Labial framework weakly developed.  

Lateral field with six lines.  

Deirids absent (but reported inconspicuous by Siddiqi, 1986).  

Stylet slender, 25 to 130 µm long, cone longer than shaft. 

Tail conoid to almost cylindroid.  

Male: Spicules without velum, blunt-ended.  

Gubernaculum not protruding from cloaca.

[Ref: Fortuner & Luc (1987).]


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Falkland Islands

Nematode specimens collected from East Falkland Island were identified as Geocenamus semicircularis (Luth & Decker, 1985). They were indistinguishable from G. nothus  so G. semicircularis was proposed as junior synonym of G. nothus (Allen, 1955) (Ryss and Bostrom, 1995).

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Economic Importance:


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Life Cycle:

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Ryss, A.Yu. and Bostrom, S. 1995. Geocenamus semicircularis (Tylenchida:Belonolaimidae) from East Falkland Island in the Subantarctic and its taxonomic status. Russian Journal of Nematology 3:111-116



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