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Globodera tabacum (Lownsbery & Lownsbery, 1954) Behrens 1975

Tobacco Cysts Nematode

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Morphology and Anatomy:

Females: Cyst stage present. 


Body globose, spheroidal, with a short neck and no terminal cone.



All eggs retained in body (no egg-mass).


Cysts of Globodera tabacum
Males: Vermiform; body twisted into a C or S shape. 

Lateral field with four lines. 

Spicules greater than 30 µm in length, distally pointed. 

No cloacal tubus. 

Tail short, hemispherical.

Second-stage juveniles: Stylet less than 30 µm long.

Lateral field with four lines.

Esophageal glands filling body cavity. 

Tail conical, pointed, with terminal half hyaline.


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  Described originally on tobacco in USA, recorded in Japan in greenhouse-grown eggplant in 1998 (Uehara and Momota, 2018).

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Economic Importance:


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Sedentary semi-endoparasite of roots

Feeding site and feeding patterns typical of genus Globodera.

Nurse cell system is a multinucleate syncytium.

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Tobacco and other Solanaceae.

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Very narrow range: potato, tomato, and some weeds.


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Life Cycle:

Ecophysiological Parameters:

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White females and cysts of Globodera tabacum on root surface.  
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Stunted tobacco plants in a field infested with G. tabacum.

Photograph by J.A. Fox, VPI.


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Luc, Maggenti & Fortuner, Rev. Nematol. 11(2):159-176 (1988)

Uehara, T. and Momota, Y. 2018. Reproduction of tobacco cyst nematode Globodera tabacum on several Japanese tomato cultivars. Nematological Research 48:27-30.

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