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           Longidorus laevicapitatus Williams, 1959

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Morphology and Anatomy:




  • Relatively shrort for this genus 2-3.2 mm

  • Head rounded and not offset

  • Amphids large but apertures obscure

  • Two irregular rows of lateral porews

  • Didelphic, amphidelphic, ovaries reflexed

  • Vulva a transverse slit

  • Tail 1-1.5 x abd; dorsally convex-conoid with blunt rounded terminus

Source: Williams, 1959; Hooper, 1958

Males very rare, similar morphology to females. wuth an adanal pair of papeillae and 4 to 5  in ventro-medial position

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Widespread in tropical and subtropical regions, especcially associated with sugarcane (Hooper, 1985). Originally described from a sugarcane field in Mauritius.

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Economic Importance:


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Migratory ectoparasite of plant roots.

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Life Cycle:

Four juvenile stages are described.

Reproduction apparently parthenogenic as nales are absent in most populations (Hooper, 1985).

Ecophysiological Parameters:

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Root-tip galling.

Has been implicated along with L. attenuatus and L. elongatus in carrying Docking Disorder of sugarbeet in England.


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Hooper, D.J. 1985. Longidorus laevicapitatus. CIH Descriptions of Plant-parasitic Nematodes No. 117.

Williams, J.R. 1959. Studies on the nematode soil fauna of sugarcane fields in Mauritius. 3. Dorylaimidae (Dorylaimoidea. Enoplida). Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Insttitute Occasional Paper No. 3. 28pp.

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