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           Paratylenchus sinensis Maria, Miao, Castillo & Zheng, 2020

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Morphology and Anatomy:


Small plant-parasitic nematodes, 0.3 mm long. 


Swollen Females: 

  • 4 incisures in the lateral field,
  •  lip region conoid anteriorly flattened, without submedian lobes.
  • Vulval lips enlarged, protruding from the body contour,
  • Tail shorter than that in slender female; ends in a fine  point.
  • Spermatheca round, filled with sperm.
  • Gravid female may swell anterior to vulva.

Slender Females:

  • Stylet 56.2 (50–62) μm long,
  • Excretory pore at level of nerve ring;
  • Vulva a transverse slit with small advulval flap;
  • Ovary single, outstretched.   
  • Tail conoid gradually tapering to a fine .


Ref Maria et al., 2020


  • Devoid of stylet,
  • Esophagis rudimentary with inconspicuous structures
  • Spicule 17.5 (16.8–18.2) μm long.



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Described from roots of white mulberry (Morus alba) in Zhejiang Province, China.

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Economic Importance:

Causes a slow decline of anthurium.

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White mulberry.

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Life Cycle:

Sexually rep[roducing based on the abundance of males and sperm in the female spermatheca.

Ecophysiological Parameters:

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Maria, M., Miao, W., Castillo, P., Zheng, J. 2020. A new pin nematode, Paratylenchus sinensis n. sp. (Nematoda: Paratylenchinae) in the rhizosphere of white mulberry from Zhejiang Province, China. Eur J Plant Pathol 156:1023–1039.


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