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           Paratylenchus minusculus Tarjan, 1960

Raski (1975) concludes that the original descruption by Tarjan was basd on a mixture of P. minisculus and P. nainianus; one specimin labelled as a paratype had shorter stylet and more posterior vulva than the measurements provided for P. minusculus.

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Morphology and Anatomy:


Small plant-parasitic nematodes, 0.3- 0.45 mm long. 



Head sclerotization delicate; stylet tip housed in a rounded vestibule

Stylet relatively short for the genus (25um)

Tail relatively long (c=10.6)

Ovary outstretched; prominent spermatheca filled with sperm



Similar size range to female.

Stylet and esophagus degerate and apparently non-functional



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Economic Importance:


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Ectoparasite on plant roots.

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Life Cycle:

Apparently sexually reproducing based on presence of males and spermateca filled with sperm.

Ecophysiological Parameters:

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Raski, D.J. 1975. Revision of the Genus Paratylenchus Micoletzky, 1922 and Descriptions of New Species. Part II of Three parts. J. Nematology 7 :274-295.

Tarjan, A.C. 1960. A review of the genus Paratylenchus Micoletzky 1922 (Paratylenchinae: Nematoda) with a description of two new species. Annals NY Academy of Sciences 84:329-390.


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