Pratylenchus brzeskii




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           Pratylenchus brzeskii Karssen, Waeyenberge & Moens. 2000.


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Morphology and Anatomy:

An amphimictic species of Pratylenhus, males and females present.



  • Relatively long  (625-735 µm) with two lip annuli, long stylet (±19 µm) with broad stylet knobs, anteriorly slightly indented.
  • Distance from stylet to DEGO short
  • Esophageal gland overlapping intestine ventrally
  • Four lateral lines present, inner lines close together.
  • Spermatheca faint, oval to rectangular shaped;
  • Vulva at 75 to 78%, lips slightly protruding,
  • Posterior uterine sac 19 to 35 µm long;
  • Tail conoid, terminus smooth, rounded to narrowly rounded.


  • Abundant.
  • Slightly smaller than female in most morphological characteristics

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Shares the same European coastal dune habitat as P. dunensis.  Described from roots of  Ammophila arenaria.

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Economic Importance:

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    Migratory endoparasite.    

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Life Cycle:

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Karssen, G., L Waeyenberge, M Moens. 2000. Pratylenchus brzeskii sp. nov.(Nematoda: Pratylenchidae), a root-lesion nematode from European coastal dunes. Annales Zoologici 50: 255-261.



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