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           Pratylenchus flakkensis Seinhorst, 1968

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Morphology and Anatomy:

  • Lip region with 2 annules
  • Anterior edges of stylet knobs pointing forward.
  • Lateral field with 4 lines, areolated in tail.
  • Female monovarial, ovary outstretched, spermatheca rounded. Post-uterine sac present.
  • Male with outstretched testa, margin of bursa crenate.

Ref. Seinhorst, 1968

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California and the Netherlands. Originally described from a pasture on loam soil.

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Economic Importance:

Q-rated pest in California Nematode Pest Rating System.

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    Migratory endoparasite.    

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Life Cycle:

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Seinhorst, J.W. 1968. Three New Pratylenchus Species With Α Discussion of the Structure of the Cephalic Framework and of the Spermatheca in This Genus. Nematologica 14:497-510.

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