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           Radopholus citrophilus

Regarded as a synonym of Radopholus similis.

Races or biotypes of R. similis have long been recognized, and, in 1984, the citrus and banana races were described as sibling species with different chromosome numbers (Huettel, Dickson and Kaplan, 1984. Proc. Helm. Soc. Wash. 51: 32-35).

Radopholus similis was considered the original banana race, a parasite of banana but not citrus. and R. citrophilus was designated the citrus burrowing nematode, a parasite of both citrus and banana.

Chromosome numbers of the sibling species were reported to differ: R. similis - n=4, R. citrophilus - n=5.  There is also evidence of reproductive isolation in mating tests.

The designation of the two species caused considerable consternation among regulatory nematologists in Florida who argued that not enough populations have been studied, and that routine separation was very difficult.

Radopholus citrophilus is currently considered a synonym of R. similis.

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Morphology and Anatomy:


See Radopholus similis


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 Migratory endoparasite in all life stages.      

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