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Xiphinema chambersi Thorne, 1939
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Morphology and Anatomy:



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Reported from Canada, Japan, Korea, United States (Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina).  (CABI-CPC, 2022).

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Economic Importance:

B-rated pest in California Nematode Pest Rating System.    


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Feeds at root tips causing swelling, stunting, and destruction of tips.

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Life Cycle:


Ecophysiological Parameters:

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Can cause extensive damage to strawberry roots.

Plant symptoms in response to feeding by X. chambersi are like those caused by other migratory ectoparasitic root-feeding nematodes.  Poor growth and/or stunting of the plant, yellowing, or wilting of the foliage, and damaged/reduced root systems, including root necrosis, lack of feeder or secondary roots, and occasional tufts of stubby rootlets. Xiphinema chambersi is often found feeding on woody plants and grasses, including forest trees where, at high densities, they can cause an economically significant level of damage (Ruehle, 1971; CABI CPC, 2022).

As of 2022, Xiphinema chambersi has not been reported as a vector of plant viriuses.


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Host Plant Resistance, Non-hosts and Crop Rotation alternatives:

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