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          Filiponema Timm & Maggenti, 1966

Type species of the genus: Filiponema philippinense Timm & Maggenti, 1966


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Morphology and Anatomy:


Filiponema unidentified sp depicted left:

  • Stoma reduced.
  • Amphid apertures circular, 40 um from anterior  28 um diam., surrounded by inner, thin rim  and outer, convex, radially striated rim; no apparent pouch.
  • Bundle of ten long sensilla protruding from amphidl aperture.



  • Monodelphic, prodelphic. Ovary reflexed to just anterior of anus.
  • Vulva located at about mid-body, short post-uterine sac.


  •  Spicules 20-25 um long, rarely longer

Ref:  Ivanova and Spiridonov, 2015; Ivanova and Neuhaus, 2011.

Female of unidentified Filiponema sp.  Upper, anterior lateral views showing amphid apertures; lower left:, vulval reginn; lower right lateral tail region showing caudal sensory organ,
Drawings adapted from Ivanova and Spiridonov, 2015
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Economic Importance:


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      Parasites of the coelomic cavity of annelids.

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Life Cycle:

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Ivanova, E.S. and Neuhaus, B. 2011. A revision of the Iponematinae (Nematoda: Drilonematoidea) with description of three new species parasitic in tropical earthworms. Nematology 13:639-652.

Ivanova, E.S. and Spiridonov, S.E. 2015. Four new species of Iponematinae (Drilonematidae, Drilonematoidea, Cephalobomorpha) parasitic in earthworms: description and molecular affiliations. Nematology 17: 1207-1227.

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Timm, R.W, and Maggenti, A.R. 1966. Nematode parasites of the coelomic cavity of earthworms. V. Plutellonema, Iponema, and Filiponema, new genera (Drilonematidae). Proc. Helminth. Soc. Wash. 33:177-184.


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