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            Ektaphelenchoides spondylis Kanzaki, Giblin-Davis & Center, 2009

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Morphology and Anatomy:


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Economic Importance:


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Reported as an endoparasite of the body cavity of a cerambysid beetle (Spondylis buprestoides) and as a predator of the nematode Pseudodiplogasteroides sp.  When beetle carcases were placed on water agar and Nematode Growth Medium (NGM), Ektaphelenchoides spondylis and Pseudodiplogaseroides sp. emerged.  The Pseudodiplogasteroides fed on bacteria supported by the medium and E. spondylis fed as a predator of the Pseudodiplogateroides (Kanzaki, 2014).

Predation of Pseudodiplogasteroides sp. by Ektaphelenchoides spondylis

Photograph from Kanzaki (2014)


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Life Cycle:

Ecophysiological Parameters:

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Baujard, P. 1984. Remarques sur la sous-familie Ektaphelenchinae Paramonov, 1964 et proposition d'Ektapelenchoides n. gem. (Nematodea: Aphelenchoididae). Revue de Nematologie 7:147-171.

Kanzaki, N. 2014. Ektaphelenchoide spondylis is a predatory nematode. Nematology 16:245-247.

Kanzaki, N., Giblin-Davis, R.M. and Center, B.J. 2009. Description of Ektaphelenchoides spondylis n.sp. (Nematodea: Ektaphelenchinae) isolated from Spondylis buprestoides (Coleoptera: Cerambysidae) in Japan. Nematology 11:181-188.


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