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        Diploscapter coronatus (Cobb, 1893) Cobb, 1913
The type species of the genus


Rhabditis coronata Cobb, 1893

 Rhabditis bicornis Zimmermann, 1898

 Diploscapter bicornis (Zimmermann, 1898) Goodey, 1963

Rhabditis cephaloides Stefan´ski, 1922

 Acrobeles armatus Kreis, 1929.

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Morphology and Anatomy:

  • :Small nematodes, 358 to 504 um long.

  • Cuticle annulated; annuli about 2 um wide at midbody.

  • Lateral field occupying 14 to 22% of the midbody diameter, with four incisures

  • Lip region with six lips: the subdorsal and the subventral are very refractive and hook-like (4to 5 um high); the lateral lips are membranous, high and with dentate margin, not easily observed under LM

  • Stoma rhabditoid. Buccal prism with straight walls, very long and narrow. Stegostom lacking glottoid apparatus.

  • Esophageal corpus well demarcated, slightly longer than isthmus and basal bulb together; procorpus cylindrical and metacorpus swollen, almost as long as wide.

  •  Basal bulb spheroid, with well developed valves at its middle.

  • Cardia hemispherical, surrounded by intestinal tissue.

  • Excretory pore at 77 to 92% of neck length, at level of posterior portion of isthmus or basal bulb. Deirid at basal bulb level, at 81 to 97% of neck length.

  • Reproductive system didelphic-amphidelphic. Anterior genital branch dextral (on the right side of intestine) and posterior branch sinistral (on the left).

  • Ovaries with a flexure, rarely straight.

  • Uterus short, less than the corresponding body diameter long.

  • Vagina with thin walls, extending inwards one-third of body diameter.

  • Rectum 0.8 to 2.0 times anal body diameter long.

  • Tail conical-elongate to filiform, ending in acute tip. Phasmid at 11 to 12% of tail length.

  • Male not seen


Anterior region of Diploscapter coronatus
(from Abolafia and Pena-Santiago, 2007)

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  Bacterivores. The hook-like processes on the dorsal and ventral lips are involved in sweeping the bacterial mass towards the mouth.

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Biology and Ecology:


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Life Cycle:

Ecophysiological Parameters:

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Ecosystem Functions and Services:


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Abolafia, J and Pena-Santiago, R. 2007. Nematodes of the Order Rhabditida from Andalucía Oriental, Spain. The Genera Protorhabditis (Osche, 1952) Dougherty, 1953 and Diploscapter Cobb, 1913, with Description of P. spiculocrestata sp. n. and a Species Protorhabditis Key. Journal of Nematology, 39:263-274

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