Wilsonema otophorum




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       Wilsonema otophorum (de Man, 1880) Cobb, 1913
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Morphology and Anatomy:


Head with dorsal and ventral flanges.


Setae along body .

Thick cuticle.

Plectid esophagus with terminal, valved  postcorpus.

A-E = Female; A = pharynx region B = labial region, lateral view, median section; C = labial region, lateral surface view; D = reproductive system; E = tail; F-G = male.
From Holovachov et al, 2003.
Wilsonema otophorum, scanning electron micrographs. A = labial region, lateral view; B = labial region, oblique view.
From Holovachov et al, 2003.
Two lines in lateral field.
  Female gonad paired, outstretched.  Vulva in center of body

Labial region components of Wilsonema

from Holovachov et al., 2003.

CE = cervical expansion, CORN = cornu; FLAB = flabellum; LR = lateral rim; MP = midlateral projection; MR = median ridge; QUAD = quadrant; RR = radial ridge; YI = Y-shaped incisure.

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Reported Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Central America.

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Observed to establish colonies on bacteria (Wood, 1973).

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Biology and Ecology :

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Life Cycle:


Ecophysiological Parameters:

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Ecosystem Functions and Services :

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Holovachov, O., Bostrom, S., Tandingan De Ley, I., De Ley, P., and Coomans, A. 2003. Morphology and systematics of the genera Wilsonema Cobb, 1913, Ereptonema Anderson, 1966 and Neotylocephalus Ali, Farooqui and Tejpal, 1969 (Leptolaimina: Wilsonematinae) J. Nem. Morph. Syst. 5:73-106.

Wood, F.H. 1973. Nematode feeding relationships: Feeding relationships of soil-dwelling nematodes. Soil Riol. Biochem. 5: 593-601.

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