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       Desmodora porosum Moura, Da Silva & Esteves, 2014
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Morphology and Anatomy:

Bars = 50um
Drawings adapted from Moura et al., 2014

  • Dimorphism in shape of multispiral fovea amphidia occupying 37% of body diam.
  • Didelphic, amphidelphic, ventral to intestine.
  • Cuticularized vagina vera and vagina uterina with sphincter muscle.
  • Vulva a broad, transverse slit at mid-body.
  • Spermatheca with globular sperm.
  •  Tail conical, with terminal spinneret.



Desmodora porosum Male Desmodora porosum Male
pharyngeal region, amphid and buccal teeth


  • Amphids closed loop-shaped, extending entire length of the head capsule, occupying 52% of corresponding body diameter,.surrounded by irregularly arranged pores (giving rise to species name).
  • Monorchic with globular sperm cells
  • Spicules arched with developed capitulum and broad velum
  • Gubernaculum laminar, without apophysis,
  • Ventral ala in pre-cloacal region.
  • One papilliform pre-cloacal supplement
  • Tail conico-cylindrical with three caudal glands extending dorsally and a spinneret.

Ref: Moura et al., 2014

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Collected from sediment samples at 400 meters depth off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Braxil.

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Free-living marine nematodes from ocean depths. Probably epistrate feeders with scraping tooth in stoma  (Heip et al., 1998; Tchesunov, 2015)

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Biology and Ecology:


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Life Cycle:


Ecophysiological Parameters:

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Ecosystem Functions and Services:


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Heip, C., Vincx, M., Vranken, G. 1985. The ecology of marine nematodes. Oceanography and marine biology. Ann Rev Lond 23:399-489

Moura, J.D.R., Da Silva, M.C., Esteves, A.M. 2014. Four new species of Desmodora (Nematoda) from the deep south-east Atlantic, and a case of intersexuality in Desmodoridae. J. Mar. Biol. Associ. UK. 94:85-104.


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