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Kittydorylaimus Andrassy 1998

Andrassy (1998) explained that the rather unusual genus name is derived from the nickname of Kalman Kittenberger, a Hungarian naturalist and explorer of East Africa who was much admired by Dr. Andrassy.

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Morphology and Anatomy:

  • Plump nematodes, 2mm long, body narrowing at anterior end.
  • Cuticle very thick with raised longitudinal ridges.  In body cross section, cuticle occupies 1/4 of total diameter.
  • Lip region strongly offset from body contour; lips separate..
  • Odontostyle sinuate, about 2x labial diameter, thinner than cuticle..
  • Esophagus widening gradually
  • Female genital system diovarial, amphidelphic; vulva longitudinal.
  • Male with contiguous ventromedian supplements.
  • Spicules dorylaimoid
  • Tail in both sexes short and bluntly rounded, with offset recurved tip in females and juveniles.

Ref: Andrássy, 1998.

Kittydorylaimus specialis: anterior, female genital systems, cuticular thickness relative to body diameter, longitudinal cuticular ridges 

Drawings from Andrassy, 1998
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Type species, K. specialis, was described from soil and litter in Tanzania, East Africa. 

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Biology and Ecology:

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Life Cycle:

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Ecosystem Functions and Services:


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Andrassy, I. 1998. Kittydorylaimus gen. n. and Kolodorylaimus gen. п., two remarkable new genera of Dorylaimina (Nematoda). Opuscula Zool. Budapest 31:3-15.



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