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Chrysonema Thorne, 1929


Chrysonemoides Siddiqi, 1060

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Morphology and Anatomy:

Ref: Andrássy, 2009


Chrysonema attenuatum: B: Entire male; C: Female anterior; D: Female anterior, amphid; E: expanded region of female esophagus; F: Female anterior gonmad.
Modified from Ahmad and Shaheen, 2005



  • Female diovarial, amphidelphic.



  • Shorter than female
  • 6-9 ventomedian supplements


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Aquatic and semi-aquatic environments.

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    Categorized as omnivores by Yeates et al., 1993 

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Biology and Ecology:

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Life Cycle:

Ecophysiological Parameters:

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Ecosystem Functions and Services:


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Ahmad, W. Shaheen, A. 2005. A new and known species of the genus Chrysonema Thorne, 2005. (Nematoda, Dorylaimida) from Costa Rica. Nematol. Medit. 33:55-60.

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