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          Californidorus Robbins and Weiner, 1978
Placed in the Longidoridae by original authors but later transferred to Nordiidae by Jairajpuri (1982).  One feature that distinguishes Californidorus from the Longidoridae is that there is not an offset constriction between the anterior and enlarged poserior portion of the esophagus (Robbins, 1985)..

Type species of the genus: Californidorus pinguicaudatus Robbins & Weiner, 1978
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Morphology and Anatomy:

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Species have been described from California and Arkansas, USA.

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Unknown although long, slender odontostyle suggests feeding on plant roots.

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Biology and Ecology:

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Life Cycle:

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Ecosystem Functions and Services:


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Robbins. R.T', Weiner, A.C. 1978. Californidorus pinguicaudatus n. gen., n. sp. from Califomia (Nematoda : Longidoridae). Revue Nématol., 1 : 189-195.

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