Family Guyanemidae

Revised 12/29/22

Guyanemidae Petter, 1974

A family of parasites of fish, the first descrbed were mainly in South America.  Very few known species, some described from only a single male specimen.

More recently, the nnumber of genera assigneds to the family has increased.  However, their hosts are quite different, some freshwater and some martne and from different environments around the world.  That suggests to some authors that the family assignments are based mainly on morphological similarities rather than true relationships.



Adamson, M.L. and Roth, M. 1990. Prevalence and Intensity of Pseudodelphis oligocotti n. gen., n. sp. (Dracunculoidea; Guyanemidae) in the Tidepool Sculpin, Oligocottus maculosus (Scorpaeniformes; Cottidae). Journal of Parasitology, 76:509-514.

Munoz, G. 2010. A New Species of Pseudodelphis (Dracunculoidea: Guyanemidae) in the Intertidal Fish Scartichthys viridis (Blenniidae) from Central Chile. J. Parasitol 19:152-156

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