Family Lucionematidae

Revised 10/23/22


  •  The family Lucionematidae was established by Moarvec et al to accommodate te new genus and species, Lucionema balatonense  described from the swimbladder of the European pikeperch, Stizostedion lucioperca from Lake Balaton in Hungary.

  • The monotypic family has affinities with the families Skrjabillanidae and Daniconematidae, differing from them mainly in having simple esophagus without external esophageal glands and having the vulva near the middle of body; it differs from the Skrjabillanidae also in the absence of the buccal capsule and the bursa-like caudal alae in the male.

  • References

    .Moravec, F., Molinar, K. and Szekely, C. 1998. Lucionema balatonense gen. et sp. n. , a new nematode of a new family Lucionematidae fam.n. (Dracunculoidea) from the swim bladder of the European pikeperch, Stizostedion lucioperca (Pisces). Folia Parasitologica 45:57-61

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