Family: Thornenematidae

Revised 06/13/23




           Thornenematidae Siddiqi, 1969

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Morphology and Anatomy:

Ref: Andrássy, 2009; Vinciguerra, 2006.

Most genera and species of Thornenematidae have been reported from terrestrial habitats, but some occur in wet, aquatic or semi-aquatic habitats.


Andrássy, I. 2009. Free-living Nematodes of Hungary III.  Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest. 608p.

Vinciguerra, M.T. 2006. Dorylaimida Part II: Superfamily Dorylaimoidea.  Pp 392-467 in Eyualem-Abebe, W. Traunspurger and I Andrassy (eds) Freshwater Nematodes: Ecology and Taxonomy. CABI, Cambridge MA.

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