Family Trichosomoididae

Revised 11/03/21


     Trichosomoididae Yorke & Maplestone, 1926

Parasites of fish, especially nematodes of the genus Huffmanela. Members of the family are also reported from crocodiles and mammals.

According to Sardella and Fugassa (2009), the family Trichosomoididae consists of only four genera of nematode parasites: Anatrichosoma (in the oral cavity of marsupials), Huffmanela (in the gills and other organs of sharks), Trichuroides (in the bladder of bats) and Trichosomoides (in the urinary tract of rodents). However, Huffmanela spp certainly have a greater host renge among fish than suggested by that report.


Sardella, M.H., Fugassa, M.H. 2009. Parasites in rodent coprolites from the historical archaeological site Alero Mazquiarán, Chubut Province, Argentina. Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, 104:37-42.


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