Rev 03/01/2022


       Tylenchina (Chitwood, 1950)


      Heteroderina (Skarbilovich, 1959)
      Criconematina (Siddiqi, 1980)

Classification and Characteristics Chart of the Order Tylenchida

Morphology and Anatomy:

      Stoma armed with an axial stylet.  Stylet in males and females generally with three basal knobs.  

Male feeding apparatus atrophied in some taxa.

Lip region may be distinct or may be undifferentiated from general body contour.  

Female esophagus composed of a procorpus, metacorpus and a glandular postcorpus, with an isthmus between the metacorpus and postcorpus.  The DEGO is in the anterior procorpus.  The metacorpus generally has a valve.  Glandular postcorpus may abut intestine or overlap it for some distance.  

Transverse cuticular annulation generally interupted by longitudinal incisures.  

Deirids present or absent.

Females with one or two genital branches.  Oviduct with two rows of seven cells. 

Males generally with caudal alae (bursa) with 0 or 1 ray and paired blade-shaped spicules.

[Ref: Maggenti, Luc, Raski, Fortuner, Geraert. Rev. Nematol. 10:135-142 (1987).]

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