Management of Plant-feeding Nematodes

General Principles

Assessing Nematode Populations

Biospatial and Biogeographic Tactics

Exclusion and Regulatory Tactics


Reduction and Eradication Tactics: 

  •     Cultural 
  •     Biological
  •     Physical 
  •     Chemical
  •     Protection of the Host
  •     Host-plant Resistance
  •     Therapy of Infected Plant
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    Emerging Research Developments: 

  •     Biological Management 
  •     Chemical Ecology
  •     Cultural Management
  •     Host-plant Resistance
  • Summary of Management Strategies and Tactics Simulate Management Strategies: 


    Some Seminars on Nematode Management

    Nematode Management in Vineyards

    Global Issues in Nematode Ecology and Management

    Nematodes in Vineyards: species, biology, soil ecology, management

    Nacobbus aberrans in Mexico
    (I. Cid del Prado - Powerpoint)