Family Creagrocercidae

Revised 02/10/22


     Craeagrocercidae Baylis, 1943

A rare family of nematodes that includes (so far, exclusively) parasites of earthworms (Ivanova and Spiridonov, 2011).

Classified by some authorities in the Drilonematoidea of the Rhabditida

Ref: Ivanova and Spiridonov, 2011.


Baylis, H.A. 1943. Some nematode parasites of earthworms from the Indo-Malay region. Parasitology 35:112-127.

Ivanova, E.S. and Spiridonov, S.E. 2011. Two new species of creagrocercid nematodes parasitic in earthworms, with comments on the phylogenetic affiliations of the Creagrocercidae Baylis, 1943. Syatematic Parsitology 78:81-94.

Spiridonov, S. E. (2001). Parasitic organisms from tropical earthworms deposited in the Royal Museum of Central Africa. Annales. Musée Royal de l’Afrique Centrale. Tervuren. Sciences Zoologiques, 285, 19–27.



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