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          Amplimerlinius Siddiqi, 1976



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Morphology and Anatomy:

Siddiqi (1976) erected Amplimerlinius for species of Merliniinae with abnormally thickened cuticle at the tail terminus which is hemispherical and striated in the female, lip annuli without longitudinal indentations, a sclerotized cephalic framework, and a robust stylet  (Ghaderi and Karegar, 2014).


 i) abnormally thickened cuticle at the tail terminus, which in the female is hemispherical and annulated;

ii) lip annuli not marked with longitudinal indentations;

iii) a sclerotised cephalic framework;

iv) a robust stylet;

 v) a cylindrical to clavate tail (Ghaderi, 2019)



  • Body medium to large (1 to 2 mm).  
  • Labial region continuous with body contour.  SEM face view similar to that of Nagelus, except that it is more rounded.  
  • Lateral field with six lines over most of body. 
  • Deirids present in the six-line area of lateral field.  
  • Tail cylindroid with a broadly rounded terminus, with thickened cuticle at distal extremity.
  • Labial framework and stylet robust. 
  • Esophageal glands sometimes overlapping the beginning of the intestine for a short distance.

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[Ref: Fortuner & Luc, Rev. Nematol. 10(2):183-202 (1987).]

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Economic Importance:


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  The genus has the characteristics of an ectoparasite of plant roots.

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Life Cycle:

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Fortuner & Luc, Rev. Nematol. 10(2):183-202 (1987).

Ghaderi, R. 2019. Observations on paratypes of Amplimerlinius Siddiqi, 1976 species confirm the transference of A. clavicaudatus (Choi & Geraert, 1975) Siddiqi, 1976 to Paramerlinius Sturhan, 2012. Nematology 21.

Ghaderi, R. and Karegar, A. 2014. Description of Amplimerlinius uramanatiensis sp. n. (Nematoda: Merliniidae) and observations on three other species of the genus from Iran. Zootaxa 3869: 17-32.

Siddiqi, M.R. (1976). New plant nematode genera Plesiodorus (Dolichodorinae), Meiodorus (Meiodorinae subfam. n.), Amplimerlinius (Merliniinae) and Gracilancea (Tylodoridae grad. n.). Nematologica 22, 390-416. DOI: 10.1163/ 187529276x00391

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