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              Anguina microlaenae (Fawcett, 1938) Steiner, 1940


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Morphology and Anatomy:


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Life Cycle:


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Initial indications of infection are yelloish-green areas on the leaf blades which become thicker and light green. About 2 weeks later, small galls appear.  Galls become fully mature in 4-6 weeks and develop a pore through which juveniles presumably escape.  The nematode probably completes two life cycles in the gall.

Nematodes remain dormant in the dry galls during the dry season and emerge following the first rainfall.  Infection of plants appears to occur when the first-formed leaves are emerging and are close to the soil surface (Ahmed et al., 1977).

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Ahmed, J.M., Husain, S.I., Raski, D.J. 1977. Occurrence, sympomatology and biology of stem and leaf gall nematode, Anguina microlaenae on two new hosts in Iraq. Plant Disease Reporter 61:1086-1088.

Fawcett, S.G.M. 1938. A disease of the Australian grass, Microlaena stipoides R. Br. caused by a nematode, Anguillulina microlaenae n.sp. J. Helminthol 16:17-32.

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