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           Meloidogyne coffeicola Lordello & Zamith, 1960

Meloidodera coffeicola (Lordello & Zamith, 1960) Kir'yanova, 1963

Review general characteristics of the genus Meloidogyne.

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Morphology and Anatomy:


  Mature Female: 
Male:  Anterior Male: 

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Second-stage juvenile

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Brazil, East Africa, Hawaii.


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Economic Importance:

Death of 15,000 coffee trees in one plantation in Parana State, Brazil.  5% yield loss in Hawaii plantations.


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Sedentary endoparasite.

Feeding site establishment and development typical of genus.

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Life Cycle:

Ecophysiological Parameters:

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Coffee roots showing symptoms and damage by M. coffeicola. Roots are not typically galled but thickened and cracked.  Cortical tissues become detached resulting in "rough root" symptoms.
Similar symptoms occur in coffee with M. paranaensis (Carneiro et al., 1996; Humphreys-Pereira et al., 2014).

Leaves become chlorotic; trees become defoliated.

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Dispersed through root material, soil debris and bare root propagative material.

Produce coffee seedlings in nurseries where soil has been disinfested.

One year fallow period recommended before replanting an infested coffee plantation in Brazil.


Host Plant Resistance, Non-hosts and Crop Rotation alternatives:

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Carneiro, R.M.G.D., Carneiro, R.G., Abrantes, I.M.O., Santos, M.S.N.A., Alemeida, M.R.A. 1996. Meloidogyne paranaensis n. sp. (Nemata: Meloidogynidae), a root-knot nematode parasitizing coffee in Brazil. J. Nematology 28:177-189.

Lordello, L.G.E. 1986  Plant-parasitic nematodes that attack coffee. Pp 33-41 in Anon.  Plant-parasitic nematodes of bananas, citrus, coffee, grapes and tobacco. Union Carbide Corp.

Humphreys-Pereira, D.A., Flores-Chavez, L., Gomez, M., Salazar, L. Gomez-Alpizar, L.E., Elling, A.A. 2014. Meloidogyne lopezi n.sp. (Nematode: Meloidogynidae, a new root-knot nematode�.. Nematology 16:643-661.

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