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Thecavermiculatus Robbins, 1978


      None.Thecavermiculatus was synonymized with Atalodera (De Souza and Huang, 1994a)

The genus nname is derived from the Latin; theca - a sack, and vermicularis - of worms.

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Morphology and Anatomy:


Females: No cyst stage.  Body globose, with prominent neck and no terminal cone.  

Cuticle thick, annulated in fore part or on the major part of body, with lace-like pattern on posterior part; D-layer present.  Subcrystalline layer present (very thick in T. crassicrustatus).  

Vulva subterminal, close to anus; vulval lips not protruding; anal-vulval region flush with body contour.  

Eggs retained in female body, together with hatched second-stage juveniles. Hence the genus name - literally "sac of worms".

Males: Body twisted. 

Lateral field with four lines.  

Spicules slightly curved, distally notched; no cloacal tubus.

Tail very short.  

No phasmids

Second-stage juveniles: Lateral field with four lines.  

Esophageal glands not filling body cavity (except T. crassicrustatus).  

Tail pointed, of medium length, with long, hyaline, terminal part.  

Phasmids with lens-like structure.  

[Ref: Luc, Maggenti & Fortuner, (1988).]

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Economic Importance:


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Nurse cell system: A syncytium.

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Life Cycle:

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