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           Verutus californicus Baldwin, Bernard & Mundo-Ocampo, 1989


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Morphology and Anatomy:


Females: No cyst stage.  Body saccate, sausage-shaped, or kidney-shaped. 

Cuticle thick, annulated over total body length; D-layer absent; multiple B-layer present; subcrystalline layer present [For information on ultrastructure of the cuticle and definition of its layers, see Shepherd, Clark & Dart (1972) and Baldwin (1983)].  

Vulva submedian, large, with protruberant vulva lips.  

No phasmids.  

Remnant of tail very short to absent.

Eggs not retained in body, but deposited individually, without gelatinous matrix.  

Males: Body not twisted. 

Stylet under 30 µm long.

Lateral field with four lines.

Spicules strong, slightly curved.  

No phasmids.  

Tail short.  

Second-stage juveniles: Lateral field with four lines.

Esophageal glands filling body cavity.  

Tail pointed, with long, hyaline, terminal part. 

Phasmids punctiform, small, devoid of lens-like structure.  

[Luc, Maggenti & Fortuner (1988).]

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Type locality: Merced River, Yosemite Valley, California.

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Economic Importance:


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Nurse cell system is a small syncytium.      

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 Carex sp.

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Life Cycle:

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Baldwin, J.G., Bernard, E.C. & Mundo-Ocampo, M. 1989. J. Nematology 21:48-68.

Luc, Maggenti & Fortuner, Rev. Nematol. 11:159-176 (1988).]

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