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  •         Cygnonema Allen & Noffsinger, 1978


    Type species:  Cygnonema steineri Allen & Noffsinger, 1978

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    Morphology and Anatomy:

    Cygnonema verum (adapted from Raes et al., 2009)

    • Body length 1-3.1 mm, slender, S-shaped (Cygnonema = swan nematode), enlarged at level of pharynx.

    • Cuticle smooth or inconspicuous striation.

    • Cephalic adhesion tubes 10-16  with enlarged base and fine or slightly swollen tip, arranged in 4 longitudinal rows

    • Posterior adhesion tubes with bell-shaped tip, in 4 rows.

    • Subcephalic setae 2-18

    • Amphid apertures behind head capsule, loop-shape in males, inconspicuous and tubulkar in female.

    • Buccal cavity weakly developed, with or without a dorsal tooth.

    • Pharynx long and cylindrical with oval or elongate terminal bulb

    • Cloacal/anal flap may be present.


    • Didelphic, ovaries reflexed.

    • Short paravulval setae present.




    • Monorchic.
    • Tail conical-cylindrical


    Ref: Raes et al., 2009

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    Marine nematodes reported from cold water habitats in Antarctica and the North Atlantic ocean. Sometimes with degraded coldwater coral and sponges.

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    Biology and Ecology:


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    Life Cycle:

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    Ecosystem Functions and Services:


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    Allen MW, Noffsinger EM (1978) A revision of the marine nematodes of the superfamily Draconematoidea Filipjev, 1918 (Nematoda: Draconematina). Univ Calif Publs Zool 109: 1–133

    Decraemer W, Gourbault N, Backeljau T (1997) Marine nematodes of the family Draconematidae (Nemata): a synopsis with phylogenetic relationships. Hydrobiologia 357: 185–202

    Raes, M., Decraemer, W., Vanreusel, A. 2009. Draconematidae (Nematoda) from cold-water corals in the PorcupineSeabight: The genus  Cygnonema  Allen & Noffsinger, 1978. Organisms, Diversity, Evolution  37:e1-e20.


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