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              Lordellonema Siddiqi 1982


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Morphology and Anatomy:

  • Medium-sized nematodes, 1mm or longer long.
  • Cuticle irregular with conspicuous pores, lateral, dorsal and ventral,  that open into conspicuous canals.
  • Lip region offset from body contour by a constriction.
  • Lips and papillae distinct.
  • Stoma wide, walls not sclerotized.
  • Odontostyle with wide lumen; aperture more than half its length.
  • Odontophore with wide lumen.
  • Guiding ring simple, large.
  • Esophagus very muscular, widening gradually at or behind middle.
  • Female diovarial, amphidelphic.
  • Vulva pore-like.
  • Male spicules not dorylaimoid, without median stiffening piece..
  • Ventromedian supplements numerous, spaced..
  • Tail conoid to subdigitate.

Ref. Siddiqi, 1982.


The genus name is a contraction of the name of famed Indian Nematologist and dorylaim specialist, Dr. Mohammed Shamim Jairajpuri.

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Dr. Jairajpuri attending an International Postgraduate Nematology Course, Wageningen, Netherlands, 1965
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Reported from terrestrial habitats.

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Biology and Ecology:


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Life Cycle:

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Ecosystem Functions and Services:


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