Moshajia warriori




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Moshajia warriori (Jairajpuri, 1965) Siddiqi, 1982


Note:  the phyllogenetic position of the Lordellonematinae is uncertain.  Soe authors place it in the Crateronematiodae, others in the Qudsianematidae. This species was moved from Lordellonema to Moshajia by Siddiqi, 1982.

The genus differs from Lordellonema in having a shorter odontostyle with a long aperture and from Poronemella in not having pores along the body.

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Morphology and Anatomy:



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Ref: Imran et al (2019)

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Biology and Ecology:

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Life Cycle:

Ecophysiological Parameters:

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Ecosystem Functions and Services:


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Yeates, G.W., T. Bongers, R. G. M. De Goede, D. W. Freckman, and S. S. Georgieva. 1993. Feeding habits in soil nematode families and genera—An outline for soil ecologists. Journal of Nematology 25:315-331


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