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Chambersiella  Cobb, 1920

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Morphology and Anatomy:



Geraldius bakeri Sanwal, 1971, syn Chambersiella bakeri, Sanwal, 1957.

Drawings from Sanwal, 1957

Cuticle finely striated with two lateral incisures.
Lip region with six cephalic cirri (elaborate cephalic appedages) and 6-10 cephalic papillae.
Anteriormost rhabdions of the stoma modified to form hooklike structures and distinct from the rest.
Posterior part of stoma forming a narrow vaselike glottid apparatus and surrounded by tissue which is differentiated from that of the esophagus.
Amphids opening behind the anterior broad chamber of the stoma;.
Esophagus without a median bulb but with a valvulated terminal bulb.
Vulva slightly pre-equatorial to postequatorial.
Testis single.
Male tail with several pairs of caudal papillae;
Spicules paired and not joined; gubernaculum present;
Rectal glands present;
Tail of both sexes with a dorsally hooked terminus.

Type species: Chambersiella rodens Cobb, 1920. 

Ref: Sanwal, 1957; Sanwal, 1960; Sanwal, 1971.

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From bark of oak tree.
Bank of the Jock River, near Richmond, Ontario, Canada.

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Active bacterial feeder.

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Biology and Ecology:

Nematodes in the Chambersiellidae are frequently reported in assocaiation with bark beetles.  The relationships are probably phoretic in that the nematodes are transported from tree to tree or to insect galleries by the beetles.


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Life Cycle:


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Ecosystem Functions and Services:

Bacterially-mediated decomposition of organic matter; nitrogen mineralization.


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Sanwal, K.C. (1957). Chambersiellidae n.fam. (nematoda) with emended diagnosis of the genus Chambersiella Cobb, 1920, description of C. bakeri n.sp. and discussion of taxonomic position. Canadian Journal of Zoology 35, 615-621.


Sanwal, K.C. 1960. Taxonomic position of Macrolaimus papillatus (Rahm, 1928) Goodey, 1951, status of Diastolaimus Rahm, 1928, and emended diagnoses of Chambersiellidae and Chambersiella Cobb, 1920.(Nematoda). Canadian J. Zoology 38:751-753.


Sanwal, K. C. 1971. Geraldius n. gen., Macrolaiminae n. subfam., with a revision of the subfamilies and genera of Chambersiellidae (Nematoda). Canadian J. Zoology 49:965-967.

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