Family Trichuridae

Revised 11/03/21


     Trichuridae Roederer, 1761 

Common name:: Whipworms

Nematodes of the order Trichinellida were formerly classified in the order Stichosomida because they are characterized by the presence of a stichosome.

In these nematodes, the pharynx is narrow and thin-walled anteriorly and, posteriorly, is surrounded by unicellular, glandular stichocytes, each with a duct into the pharyngeal lumen The pharynx extends one-fourth to nine-tenths of the body length in various taxa and is almost devoid of musculature. The region of the pharynx surrounded by stichocytes is known as the stichosome.

Stichosomes occur in two orders of the Nematoda: Trichinellida, with at least six families, and Mermithida, with two families. Recent phylogenetic analysis based on a synthesis of molecular and morphological data suggest that the stichosome may be an example of parallel evolution in the Trichinellida and Mermithida (De Ley and Blaxter, 2002; Ferris, 2007).




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