Family Chromadoridae

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         Chromadoridae Filipjev, 1917

A family of free-living marine nematodes with abundant genera and species.

  • Cuticle with complex ornamentation, including punctations, especially in lateral field areas.
  • Six outer labial and four cephalic setae may be in a single circle
  • Amphid apertures spiral or oval to slit-like. located posterior to cephalic setae
  • Ocelli visible on fresh specimens
  • Stoma funnel-shaped with a large dorsal tooth and with or without dentyicles or two smaller subventral teeth.
  • Esophagus usually with posterior bulb.
  • Females diovarial.
  • Males diorchic with small pre-anal ventromedian supplements; gubernaculum with hammer-shaped or L-shaped lateral pieces.
  • Tail conoid with spinneret.
  • Mainly marine  nematodes.
Photographs by Ashleigh Smythe, Smithsonian Institute

  Subfamilies of Chromadoridae:


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