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         Dolichodorus marylandicus Lewis and Golden, 1981


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Morphology and Anatomy:

Female: Head somewhat flattened dorso-ventrally, with four prominent lobes (2 subdorsal, 2 subventral) which have a continuous outline in face view and are not separated from each other by deep clefts.

Stylet flexible, bends with body.  

Esophageal lumen folded in procorpus when stylet retracted. 

Median bulb well-developed.  

Excretory pore at level of posterior region of isthmus.

Basal esophageal bulb elongate-pyriform with 3 nuclei, one larger dorsal nucleus situated about half-way along bulb, and 2 smaller subventral nuclei at the same level or posterior to it. Not overlapping intestine. 

Vulva a transverse slit with a pair of opposing sclerotized pieces in lateral view.  

Ovaries paired, outstretched, spermathecae present. 

Intestine extending beyond rectum to form a sac.

Anterior part of tail rounded or conoid merging into the conoid spike of the posterior part.    

Male: Similar to female, except for sexual dimorphism

Spicules slightly arcuate, distal end of gubernaculum protruding from body.  

Males have unique caudal alae, well-developed.


Source: Lewis and Golden, 1981

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Recorded from zoysia grass and perennial bluegrass in Maryland, and from pine in North Carolina, USA.

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Ectoparasite mainly at root tip; nematode has long stylet.

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Life Cycle:

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Lewis, S.A., Golden, A.M. 1981. Description and SEM observations of Dolichodorus marylandicus n. sp. with a key to species of Dolichodorus. Journal of Nematology, 13: 128-135.

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