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          Rotylenchulus Linford and Oliveira, 1940

Type species of the genus: Rotylenchulus reniformis Linford and Oliveira, 1940

          Spirotylenchus (= Spyrotylenchus) (Lordello and Cesnik, 1958)
          Leiperotylenchus (Das, 1960)

The genus name, Rotylenchulus, was given by Linford and Oliveira because they thought that these nematodes were similar to the genus Rotylenchus.

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Morphology and Anatomy:

High intraspecific variability of morphological characteristics of immature females confounds microscopic identfication of species. Molecular characteristics provide important diagnostic tools (Van den Berg et al., 2016).

  • Mature female swollen, kidney shaped; male vermiform.
  • Lip region of immature female not offset from body contour
  • Cephalic framework conspicuous.
  • DEGO >1/2 stylet length posterior to styley knobs.
  • Esophageal glands overlap intestine lateroventrally.
  • Vulva >50%
  • Female didelphic, amphidelphic.
  • Eggs deposited in gelationous matrix
  • Female tail >2x abd.
  • Male with weak stylet and reduced esophagus with metacorpus indistinct; probably do not feed..
  • Caudal alae present, adanal.

Ref: Dasgupta et al., 1968.

Mature female of Rotylenchulus borealis.

Photo by Ulrich Zunke.


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Mainly in tropical and subtropical areas.

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Economic Importance:

There are eleven species in the genus (Fortuner, 1987; van den Berg, 2016), but R. reniformis is considered the most economically important species of the group.

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 Semi-endoparasites of roots of herbaceous and woody plants.

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Life Cycle:

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Dasgupta, D.R., Raski, D.J., Sher. S.A. 1968. A revision of the genus Rotylenchulus Linford & Oliveira, 1940 (Nematoda: Tylenchidae). Proccedings Helminth. Society Washington 35:169-192.

Fortuner, R. 1987. "A reappraisal of Tylenchina (Nemata). The family Hoplolaimidae Filip'ev 1934." Revue de Nematologie. 10:219-232.

Van den Berg, E., J.E. Palomares-Rius, N. Vovlas, L.R. Tiedt, P. Castillo, S.A. Subbotin. 2016. Morphological and molecular characterisation one new and several known species of the reniform nematode Rotylenchulus Linford & Oliviera, 1940 (Hoplolaimidae, Rotylenchulinae) and a phylogeny of the genus. Nematology18:67-107..


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