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           Rotylenchus uniformis (Thorne, 1949) Loof & Oostenbrink, 1958


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Morphology and Anatomy:





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Economic Importance:



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Migratory ectoparasitic species.

On agar plates. R. uniformis was attracted to plant roots and fed first on epidermal cells and root hairs.  Cell walls were pierced by multiple thrusts of the stylet. Later, the stylet penetrated beyond the epidermis and the nematodes fed by extracting the contents of cortical cells. Pumping of the esophageal bulb commenced after the stylet was protruded into the cell. The nematodes did not enter the roots. Cells fed upon by the nematode became shriveled and necrotic.  Feeding in the same location continued for up to several days.  (Clinkenberg, 1963).





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Carrot and others

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Life Cycle:

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Klinkenberg, C.H. 1963. Observations On the Feeding Habits of Rotylenchus uniformis, Pratylenchus crenatus, P. penetrans, Tylenchorhynchus dubius and Hemicycliophora similis. Nematologica 9:502-506.

Seinhorst, J. W., and J. Koslowska. 1977. Damage to carrots by Rotylenchus uniformis, with a discussion on the cause of increase of tolerance during the development of the plant. Nematologica 23:1-23.

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