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         Sychnotylenchus Rhuem, 1956

      Neoditylenchus (Meyl, 1961)

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Morphology and Anatomy:


General morphology of Sychnotylenchus is similar to that of  the Anguinidae except for the shorter male and female tails.
  • Labial framework six-sectored with the six sectors equal or lateral sectors narrower than subdorsal and sub-ventral ones.  
  • Esophagus with procorpus generally wide and separated from median bulb by a constriction, rarely thin and without a constriction.  
  • Median bulb with valve, well-defined, fusiform to spherical.  
  • Esophageal glands short, pyriform to elongate, wide.  
  • Position of excretory pore variable from anterior to median bulb to opposite posterior end of glands.  
  • Females:  tail small, cylindroid to broadly rounded end.  
  • Oocytes in one/two rows.  
  • Columned uterus four rows of more than four cells (seven to fourteen cells), post-uterine sac present.  



[Ref: Fortuner and Maggenti,  (1987).]

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Economic Importance:


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The biology of Sychnotylenchus the type genus of Sychnotylenchidae is different from that of the other Anguinidae in that the species in this genus are always found associated with bark beetles.  However, they are not insect parasites but feed on the fungi that grow in the frass of the beetles.     

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Life Cycle:

Has only been recovered from leaf tissue and has not been found in soil under the host plant.

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Fortuner and Maggenti, Rev. Nematol. 10:163-176 (1987).

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