Nematode Management Utilities

Feature Description Feature Description
Sampling for Nematodes Theory and practice Nemabase Query an extensive database for the Host Status of Plants to Nematodes
Nematode Damage Thresholds Powerpoint presentation Cover Crop Selector
Reference 8
Search through 3000 cover crop candidates for resistant or non-hosts
(Excel Spreadsheet Utility)
Management Strategy Simulator Optimize nematode management
(Excel Spreadsheet Utility).  An explanation of the model is provided
Crop Sequence Selector
Reference 9
Search through 14,000 plant cultivars for the lowest aggregate host status to several nematodes
(Excel Spreadsheet Utility)
Economic Threshold Analysis
Reference 4 and 5
Economic basis for the management decision
(Excel Spreadsheet Utility)
Host Status of Specific Crops Review the nematodes associated with a selected crop (More complete data in Nemabase)
Crop Rotation Length Optimizer
Reference 6
Optimal length of crop rotations
(Excel Spreadsheet Utility)
Pest Status Ratings California Department of Food and Agriculture Ratings of the potential significance of nematode taxa to agriculture in California.
Rotation with Nematicide Optimizer
Reference 6
Optimal length of crop rotation/nematicide combinations
(Excel Spreadsheet Utility)
Index of Nematicides Current and discontinued nematicides
Crop Rotation for Potatoes
References 6 and 7
Explanation of the Model Conversion Factors Conversions for linear, area, weight and volume measures
Damage Function Calculator
References 1, 2 and 3
An iterative procedure for fitting "Seinhorst Curves to nematode damage data.
(Excel Spreadsheet Utility)
    Seminar Presentations Powerpoint slide sets of some seminars on Nematode Biology and Management
Nematodes as Bioindicators: Faunal Analysis Condition of the soil environment
(Excel Spreadsheet Utility)
Explanation:  Background rationale for the models is provided in Reference Section
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